Clara Barton Unit

American History is among the most revisited subjects we encounter in our homeschooling. 
We initially started learning about the Civil War many years ago.
However, we have revisited the Civil War and added more information every time.
And so
We are now revisiting the life of Clara Barton 

who was a great humanitarian during these years.

In this unit I have compiled all your kids should know about this great woman
The informational text comes with bold font, photos of the era and 
graphics of the civil war ambulance. 
Also comprehension questions which will help your students
get to know more about Clara.

That is not all
As all history units the most important thing is to retain the info
so I have included not a lap book but an interactive notebook
in which my son glued the already made answers. 

You may use this as a review station every time you wish to 
revisit the life of Clara Barton.
Interactive Notebooks are a great way to show students' work and also
organize information with visuals.

I hope you find this product useful and leave any comments or questions you may have.
You may download this product by clicking on the picture below.

Leonardo Da Vinci Unit

As we enter the learning of the Renaissance. 
Leonardo Da Vinci came to the spotlight and so
I have compiled a lap book and reader with the most
important facts about the life of this man. 

I have used smaller font so I have to say it is tailored
for late elementary school children.
Unlike my other units, this one is late elementary.

I have used great graphics and paintings that were copyright free 
for the completion of this project. 

You may view the photos below and you may 
download this complete unit if you with

Download Unit Now

Parts of a Plant Unit

 I am adding a few more things to our Plant Unit Study.
This awesome reader is 16 pages long.
Included you will find activities that will have your kids learn about:

Parts of a Plant
Types of Roots

The reader has
colorful pictures and graphics your kids will love to color

Cut, Glue and Paste activities
plus comprehension questions.

As most of my informational texts, kids will be able to read and do
the activities on their own.
Simple and straight forward to promote independent work.

Please provide your feedback and ask any questions you may
have about his product.

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