Rock and Minerals Lap Book

This is a 53 page revised copy of our original lap book
I have added more information and better quality graphics.

 This lap book will collect in one file folder all the 
details about rocks and minerals.

While your class is cutting and pasting they are learning about
the rock cycle, types of rocks and minerals as well as important
facts every kid should know about this topic. 
Lap books are a great way to summarize learned material and we
use them in our homeschooling to showcase learning and retell what
we have learned as a presentation.

You may assign each student individually a lap book or
you may also have them work in groups. 
Simple enough assembly so the kids can put it together on their own. 

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 Here are some pictures of the completed product.

The title page of the lap book will have hammers with key words about
minerals and rocks
A Petrologist's toolbox will have an accordion style booklet
tha will show pictures of tools used by petrologists and information.

Each insert of this lap book will come with instructions on 
how to assemble it as well as answers already being highlighted
for the students. 
This is a great way to have a review unit at hand before a quiz. 


Simple step by step pictures on how to assemble the 
unique looking inserts. 
A crafty project your students can use on any other 
interactive notebook. 

Materials Needed

You will need a one file folder and 2  extra card stocks inserts
that goes attach in the middle.
You will also be provided two extra comprehension pages on Minerals.

Steller's Jay Lap Book

Steller's Jay Lap Book

While on vacation we were able to observe a lot of birds. 
Among them, Steller's Jay. 
This lap book is about this bird and the most important facts kids should
be familiar with. 

Details About This Download.

This is a simple lap book. Easy to put together about Steller’s Jay.
You will only need a file folder to complete this project.
You will touch on the following facts about these birds.

Egg sizes and incubation periods
How to attract Steller’s Jays  inot your yard
Title Pate

Please note that all answers are given and printed on the download for students to glue into place. 
Instructions are given in the form of pictures of a complete lap book. 

Photos of our completed project

We used a black file folder for this project.
Thank you 

White Fang Interactive Notebook

Here is a preview to our Interactive Notebook on the book by Jack London, White Fang.
We have used the Great Illustrated Classic Collection but this unit will go well 
with any other edition for this story.


Part of a Plot: Students are to write about 
Plot-Exposition-Rising Action-Climax-Falling Action and Resolution
as well as to find these in the story.
Verbs and Adjectives in the Story
Story Setting
Vocabulary Words Pocket and cards (empty for teacher to pick vocab)
One Eye
White Fang
Grey Beaver
Beauty Smith
Comprehension Questions
Cause and Effect
Surviving the Wild
Surviving with Humans
Comparison of Life in the wild and with Humans
Conflicts and Resolution
Human Emotions and Animal Emotions
Point out Emotions of the Main Character
Life with the Indians
Dog Fights
The Beating
Surviving in the Pack
Loyalty to the Gods
The Last Fight
The Love Master
A Heroic Act 
A New Life
Collie and White Fang
Comparison of the main character in the beginning and end of story

More Photos of our Notebook

Some part of the Interactive Notebook has to do with some of the
chapters of the book.

Other pages have to do with parts of a Plot

This way your students can review this and put it to practice.