The Alamo Lap Book

While visiting The Alamo this was one of the projects
we had to do.
A Lap Book with black and white pictures of the Alamo
and the most important people that highlighted this event.

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This is the title page which can be cut in half and added to the
front of the lap book

This lap book has a very simple layout. You will need a one file folder
and and extra card stock insert that will go 
taped along the top.

We used a different set of lap book layout as we wanted to add
photos of our trip to The Alamo. 

These cards can also be used as interactive notebook inserts
if you wish.

Each card comes blank so your students can write inside them. 

Details about this lap book. 

Important People Pocket
David Crockett Facts Mini Book
Sam Houston Facts Mini Book
Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna Mini Book
Santa Anna Facts
Inside the Alamo Fort
William B. Travis Mini Book
James Bowie Mini Book
Weapons used in the Alamo
Where is the Alamo?
The Mission 
The Fort
The Monument
Mexico and its Independence
Remember the Alamo
Facts about the Alamo
Who were the Texans?
The Archives
Title Page

Here is a free map you will have on your download 
for your students to highlight Texas. 

To download or safe please right click on it and 
safe picture.


Short A Lap Book

 Learning how to read can be so exciting and at the same time frustrating.
finding fun learning strategies will make reading 
a bliss and something your kids will 
look forward to learning.

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A lap book that will provide an excellent review to the sound of short A
With bright colorful picture cards and word cards for your students to master
reading short stories for the first time.
This lap book also comes with two books 
"Sam the Cat"
"Sam has Pals"
18 reading strips for your kids to get proficient in reading.

Here are the inserts that will go inside the pockets of this lap book.
This can also be used with any other "Short A" resource you are using in your classroom 
or for centers in schools. 

The lap book will also have your students complete some hands on 
activities like rolling the paper clip and making words
that make sense and don't make any sense.

Another excellent activity is the one in which the student has to 
recognize the vowel A and find the beginning and ending sounds
for each picture card provided.
Instructions of lap book are provided with pictures of a complete 
product and are really simple to put together.

Moses Flashcards

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A set of 18 flashcards for your kids to learn about the life of Moses.

Each card is in black and white and is ruled so your kids can write in the back.

This is excellent for your kids to use in lap books, interactive notebooks and incorporate
in any group bible study activity or church group.

Please read my Copyright before you use this

This product was put together by using free public domain graphics.

You are not to reproduce, sale or advertise this product as 
one of your own. 

You may: Use this product in your homeschooling or community group 
without putting my name on it or advertising this blog. 

You May: print and made as many copies as you wish and use for personal use.

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