White Fang Interactive Notebook

Here is a preview to our Interactive Notebook on the book by Jack London, White Fang.
We have used the Great Illustrated Classic Collection but this unit will go well 
with any other edition for this story.


Part of a Plot: Students are to write about 
Plot-Exposition-Rising Action-Climax-Falling Action and Resolution
as well as to find these in the story.
Verbs and Adjectives in the Story
Story Setting
Vocabulary Words Pocket and cards (empty for teacher to pick vocab)
One Eye
White Fang
Grey Beaver
Beauty Smith
Comprehension Questions
Cause and Effect
Surviving the Wild
Surviving with Humans
Comparison of Life in the wild and with Humans
Conflicts and Resolution
Human Emotions and Animal Emotions
Point out Emotions of the Main Character
Life with the Indians
Dog Fights
The Beating
Surviving in the Pack
Loyalty to the Gods
The Last Fight
The Love Master
A Heroic Act 
A New Life
Collie and White Fang
Comparison of the main character in the beginning and end of story

More Photos of our Notebook

Some part of the Interactive Notebook has to do with some of the
chapters of the book.

Other pages have to do with parts of a Plot

This way your students can review this and put it to practice.

Magic Tree House Dinosaurs Before Dark Lap Book

Download Now

A lap book based on the book by Mary Pope Osborne series
Magic Tree House.
This lap book download will come with activities such 
as identifying nouns and verbs
Writing sentences for vocabulary words
Identify the parts of a Plot and be able to identify it 
in the story.
Write about your favorite character of this story
Practice copy work by copying phrases or paragraphs 
straight form the book.
Chapter by chapter comprehension questions 
for the students to answer.
These questions can also be asked to the student and have them
narrate to you if you feel they are too much.
Narration is another way to promote reading comprehension.

More Photos of the inside 

This lap book will require a simple layout.
You will only need a one file folder to complete this activity.

Instructions will be provided written and in the form of pictures
of our completed project so you can visualize what the end result will 
look like. 

St Patrick's Day Unit

Even though we have already done a unit on Ireland. 
Every March we try to incorporate a new activity or crafty project.

This year since St. Patrick's Day in nearing we have 
decided to capture this celebration and learn a bit more 
about the history behind this festivity.

Symbols of the Irish culture. The Irish Harp, the Leprechaun and the clover

If you decide to use this unit in your classroom or homeschooling you may 
download it from my TPT Shop Here.

You may also pair this unit with any book on this subject.

We decided to use two different books from our local library and do
some read out-louds as we get water coloring on a Leprechaun's hat.

The inside of this lap book is very simple and you will only need 
to complete it a one file folder of any color.

Simple lap book layout. But will hold of the important facts about St Patrick's life

This is a picture of our project glued but not completed. 
As you can see
my son went ahead and started coloring some of the
 mini books inside.

More About My Unit

This unit comes with a reader that will 
teach your students about the life of Maewyn Succat (St. Patrick)
and how he came to be the Patron of Ireland 
and celebrated world wide.

Also a  lap book (shown above)
which your kids will 
complete as a reading comprehension activity. 

Lap books are a great addition to any unit of study. 

You may have students personalized them or work together 
creating one. 
Then, have them talk about their project and showcase it in your 

As your students cut, glue and paste they will be able to 
revisit some of the facts they have learned through the reading.

Making a Leprechaun's Hat

When I created this unit I thought that the Leprechaun was one of the Folkloric
characters that is seldom tied to St Patrick's day.

Children, love the stories told about Leprechauns and Fairies so we 
decided to make the greet Leprechaun's hat.

Getting our water coloring done. We have also used the brush barely 
wet to get a more consistent and unified color.

We have been using different water color techniques in our projects lately 
so we have purchased brushes and also water color pencils.

Once our first base color is done we move on to the rest.

When the entire hat has been water colored and dry,
we moved on to using some green paper shreds and glue them on 
the sides of the hat.

You may or may not use our inspiration but....
this is just an idea.

Please note that I always like to Mod Podge all of our projects.

The reason being, it will preserve them and they can make paper
glossy and thick so my son can showcase his work at ease.

Our final hat is ready to be glued on top of our lap book.
Of course, you cannot forget the shamrock as a symbol of the Holy Trinity.

You may also pair this un it with our Ireland Unit.
or My Ireland Lap Book