Carl Linnaeus Unit and Interactive Notebook

This unit is on the life of the famous 
Carl Linnaeus. a Swedish scientist known as the 
Father of Taxonomy.

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In this unit your students will read about the life of Linnaeus
then complete their interactive notebooks and a sketching journal they can 
use in their nature walks.

A Personal Note

We take pride in our nature walks and they 
are a big part of our homeschooling
this unit was really fun for us to complete.

Inside this Unit

You will have comprehension questions to 
help you students memorize facts.
The interactive notebook has no answer key as it is meant for 
students to find the answers along the reading.

Our Completed Unit

This unit will have photos you can print in card stock 
These are pictures of Carl Linnaeus and animals your kids
can identify and add to the mini pockets

Instead of an interactive notebook we added
this to a card stock paper because 
we have all of these units stored in our three ring binder.
This is easier for us to keep as it gets bulky after the semester is done. 

However, if you are only using this unit and want to 
add it to an interactive notebook 
You can ....
it will probably fit in a few pages rather than one. 

Edgar Allan Poe Lap Book

A lap book resuming the life of Edgar Allan Poe.
This lap book comes with an already done timeline however, 
there is no answer key included. 

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This lap book is meant to be used with any book on this writer.

Details in this lap book

Title Page
Women in the Life of Edgar Allan Poe
Who was Virginia?
Early Years
Life Troubles
Life as an Orphan
Famous Works
Life Abroad
Poe's Timeline
World Timeline

More photos of our completed project

Inside our Lap Book we have a series of mini books that your students can further
write on and add facts they have learned.

Hopi Indians

Learning about the American Indians in our homeschooling and we started with the section Northeast of Arizona and the pueblo people.

This unit comes with a reader and some writing activities. Also, you will have
the kids complete a lap book. 
In the lap book I have included pictures of our completed project as guide. 

Please note that you do not have to use the crafty ideas we are using
they can be made simpler or more elaborate.

Along with the crafty activities your kids can decorated a Kachina Doll.

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We used the Kachina doll already printed and glued it to a piece of 
card stock paper, then, we added some raffia along the hair and neck line 
to make it more real.

Pictures of our Unit

Main page of this unit has a front cover of the Kachina dolls.

The Reader comes pack with bright colorful pictures
and black and white pictures of the Hopi people found in the public domain files.

Writing activities for students are included.

Kachina Dolls inside our Lap Book

Mini Books will be inserted into pockets