Human Body Nervous System

As part of our Anatomy unit. We are retaking the learning of the brain.
We have been working on this in the past
however as my son gets older we revisit this unit and add
more information that now he can handle because he is older.

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This unit works well on a stand alone or as a resource to be
paired with any other unit on The Human Brain.

Why Interactive Notebooks?

Interactive notebooks are a must have in our homeschooling.
I came across this idea long ago when I started using lap books.
It is interactive notebooks.
They are excellent, hands on, I cannot stress the need for the use
of them in your classroom or homeschooling.
They will let you teach like a pro and your kids will love learning.

By the time my son is done cutting and gluing his interactive notebook
he has already memorize most of the key words.

Not only that but he is proud of showing his complete Science notebook
and colors it everywhere.
It is really his little piece of art.

Let's face it these are not easy terms but everything is in the presentation
and making the learning process artsy and colorful.

Making your students feel they can personalize their work it 
priceless and a step forward in learning. 


I have used more pictures and extra interactive notebook activities.

What is new on this Reader?

Different from my old resource.
This one will have.............
The senses and more interactive notebook open close mini
books that make the notebooks 3D and cute.

Learning about the sense was vital to our lesson as
 I wanted my son to start
understanding how hearing, tasting and sight is related to brain.

I have also included hands on activities that
will come hand in hand with the reader itself and are not
part of the interactive notebook.

Some pictures of our day learning

Pairing this unit with other library books we found on taste buds.

Have in Mind

There are three cut and glue activities on this resource.
You will have to print those single sided 
other than that 
every other page can be double sided.

Online Resources you might love to add

Our Bone Chart
I found this unique life size skeleton to name the bones. I have linked it below.
Hope it is helpful.

Take a look at my old resource

We are learning lots with this unit on the Human Body.
If you are downloading my product please view all the pictures below.

The Nervous System
The Brain and Spinal Cord

You may use my product as an interactive notebook or lap book.
I decided to go interactive notebook for this one.

The Skull is to be cut around and in the dotted line.
Glue it and inside it place the brain.
So, crafty your kids will love it.
Because we used this unit as part of our bones unit.
My son went ahead and named the skull bones.
You may also do the same.

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Interactive Notebook about the brain.

Brain Facts

Brain Stem and Spinal Cord

The Nervous System Freebies

Unit on Bones

In this unit your kids will read, complete activities, have a good laugh and all
while learning about bones.

The Changing Earth

In this informational text your students will learn about the forces that change 
the Earth over long periods of time.

In this resource you will be getting reader and comprehension questions 

Chemical and Physical Weathering
Soil Composition
Erosion versus Deposition

Flashcards are included with bright colorful pictures.

Hands on activities, gluing and cutting.

This unit is great to use with any geography unit.

The Alamo Lap Book

While visiting The Alamo this was one of the projects
we had to do.
A Lap Book with black and white pictures of the Alamo
and the most important people that highlighted this event.

 Download Product Now

This is the title page which can be cut in half and added to the
front of the lap book

This lap book has a very simple layout. You will need a one file folder
and and extra card stock insert that will go 
taped along the top.

We used a different set of lap book layout as we wanted to add
photos of our trip to The Alamo. 

These cards can also be used as interactive notebook inserts
if you wish.

Each card comes blank so your students can write inside them. 

Details about this lap book. 

Important People Pocket
David Crockett Facts Mini Book
Sam Houston Facts Mini Book
Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna Mini Book
Santa Anna Facts
Inside the Alamo Fort
William B. Travis Mini Book
James Bowie Mini Book
Weapons used in the Alamo
Where is the Alamo?
The Mission 
The Fort
The Monument
Mexico and its Independence
Remember the Alamo
Facts about the Alamo
Who were the Texans?
The Archives
Title Page

Here is a free map you will have on your download 
for your students to highlight Texas. 

To download or safe please right click on it and 
safe picture.