Magic Tree House: Ghost Town at Sundown

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Part of our summer reading. 
We are c completing our Magic Tree House Book #20
"Ghost Town at Sundown"

This is a resource that is excellent if you decide to use it 
to have your students retell the story. 

First we narrate orally what the book was about. 
we proceed by writing on each mini book in the book 
These mini books are singled out by chapters.

Then, we can retell the story by reading our lap book 
out-loud one more time. 
Narration and writing main ideas are very 
important to have your kids remember 
stories and use their vocabulary. 

We love getting crafty on our projects and so we have aged everything
using our favorite "shoe polish"

We colored the inside of the lap book and also
aged it. 

Because this is a book about Mustangs horses. 
Some of the inside mini books have horses. 
However, each mini book is designed according to their respective chapters.

Polar Bears Lap Book

This is a lap book we created based on our unit on the Desert biome. 

As part of the Cold Desert we studies the Polar Bear.

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This unit comes with a digital movie you can play from my google slides.
You may also use power point to play it in your class.

Students will complete their written comprehension questions and lap book
once they have viewed the movie. 

Please watch our video tutorial on how to put this lap book
together if you do not understand the written instruction.

This is a project your kids can complete with one file folder.
Glue and scissors.

A simple layout and mini lesson.

Three pockets on the left hand side of lap book will
store booklets inside,
Each booklet comes with a photos for your kids to add inside.
The rest of the booklets are blank so students can write.

A drop down insert for students to write further.
This is done in a vintage paper so it would
match the outdoors look.

A pocket "Habitat"
will have two cards inserted inside.
Each with a colored background and lined.

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Desert Biome 

The Desert Biome Unit Study

Revisiting the Desert Biome with this upgraded version of my product. 

This unit will have your class learning the most important facts about the Desert biome.
Your kids start with a reader and then move on to completing
a series of comprehension questions. 

Lastly they will complete a lap book with a collage
activity where they can get creative.

Mini Books on

Hot Desert Biome Characteristics

Cold Desert Biome Characteristics

Camel's Adaptation

Polar Bear Adaptation

Seal's Adaptation

Snake's Adaptation

What is Adaptation

How can you safe the desert biome?

Kids also have questions to answer after completing reader. 

Reader provides real life high resolution 

photos of the desert biome, plants and animals.

Hope you enjoy teaching about the Desert Biome as much as I did.

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More Pictures of this Unit

Pictures of Our Completed Lap Book

You will need a one file folder and 2 extra card stock insert to complete this 
lap book. 
All instructions will come in the form of completed projects.