Art in our Homeschooling

This summer we are starting our art journal.
In it we will consistently keep all of the paintings we have been working on. 

When it comes to art, it is very important not to critizicee to lightly 
because after all your kids are still learning and stretching their
confidence with watercolors.

We were motivated by some youtuve channels that were very handy like the Art Sherpa

When it comes to faces and portrays there is more practice and sketching involved 
before you are able to add color. 
However, I think my son did a pretty good job here.

Some of the paintings were also inspired by Bob Ross and his PBS channel. 
We actually applied the same idea but in a smaller scale and with 
much less awesome brushes that he has.

Overall we have been very inspired to continue our journey with
watercolors and hope to implement our learning to other units as well.