All About Bones Unit Study

Have your class have a blast when learning about bones with this unit study. 
By downloading this product you are getting a 21 page long pack with funny jokes, interactive notebook and a reader about the bones.Kids complete their interactive notebooks as they read their reader. The reader is meant for kids that are fluent readers, second grade and above. 
Reader has very bright colorful pictures, jokes  and is very  engaging. Kids are asked to complete activities to test their reading comprehension. 

Reading and Completing Interactive Notebook

Details about this Unit

5 types of bones (long,short,irregular,sesamoid and flat bones)
Bone marrow. The inside of the bone
white cells
red cells
hinge joints
ball and socket joints
the funny bone
name the bones in your body ( two skeletal bodies are provided)
bone jokes activity glue and paste 

I hope you enjoy teaching about bones as much as I did

Thank you