Our Australia Unit

We are enjoying learning about Australia.

This unit is 53 pages long and it comes with an informational
text and comprehension questions.

If you purchase the entire unit you will be getting a lap book as well.
However, I like providing lap books separate so you can
pair with any other book on Australia.

You will have your kids learning about the country including 
the animals, the national symbols, the weather, time and aborigines.

Our Aborigine Body Painting

Download Entire Unit
  (with informational text and lap book included)

Some Extra Activities we did

While learning about the Aborigines we did some body painting.
We also made a passport because we intend to use it for every
country that we learn about.
You may download that for free down below.

Put together the Australian Continent.

Australia;s Flashcards

More of our day at this Unit Study
Making a Passport to Australia

Online Resources you can use 

Animal Videos

Emu Characteristics ( Online Article on this birds)
Dingo  (Online Article)
Frilled Lizard (Online Article)
Koalas for Kids (video)
Koalas Characteristics (online article)'
Kangaroo Characteristics (online article)
kangaroo Dundee (inside the life of a rescued kangaroo) about 1hr long
Wallaby characteristics (article from national geographic)
Platypus (video)
Platypus characteristics (online documentaries)
Platypus ( a long documentary)
Wombat (online article)
Wombat Video
Kookaburra (online article national geographic)
Kookaburra (video)


One hour long so hold on to your seats.

Crafty Ideas

I Share my board 

We read the book Wombat Stew and added this extra activity to our day

This is our lesson after reading the Book 
The Wombat Stew by Marcia K. Vaughn 
This is a great book
 to add if your kids are in early elementary level.

Here are some activities we did extra for this book

I made a questions sheet and had Daniel find the answers in the wombat stew. A fun way of relating to the reading.

Making a Wombat Stew like in the story....YUMMMMMMMYYYY!!!!!!!

Online Painting Resources

brisbanekids.com : In this site you can download several different projects for your kids to try and paint.