Plants Lap Book

Teaching about plants can be overwhelming
There is so much information your kids need to memorize and remember!!!

This lap book provides your kids with all this information for them to write as a review.
But, also get back and review from time to time.

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Front View of Lap Book

A look inside this Lap Book

How much information is there inside?

Seedless Plants: Ferns, Horsetails, liverworts and mosses
Seed Plants: Monocots, dicots and conifers.
Vascular and Non-Vascular Plants.
Parts of a Plant: Leaves, Stems and Roots.
Leaves: Kinds and Types of Leaves
Pinnate and Palmate types of leaves.
Spines, Needles, Tendrils, Bracts, Bud scales and Palmate.
Flowers: Petals, stamen, anther, pistil and sepal.

All hands on for your kids to write what they have learned inside.

Please note that there is no answer sheet in it and no reader or lesson plan.
Only the lap book.
You want to use this lap book as a complement of any unit on plants that touches on this topics.

Classical Conversations

If you are using classical conversations as your home school curriculum
This will take care of 
Cycle 1 weeks 8-11 plus photosynthesis 

Inside the Lap Book

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