Free Timeline Cards

Excellent resource for homeschoolers or even schooled kids covering
the years from 1492-1803

Discovery of America until Louisiana Purchase


I will continue adding to this timeline of events as we move forward.

Classical Conversations Education

If you use classical conversations I am sure you will love this ones as well.
We left them black in the back and used them to summarize facts about each year.
This is a great resource to get your kids to write, organize learned material.
Also review and memorize it as well.

Each card is left blank to get your kids to write

Great to laminate and reuse as well.

We are truly using this resource a lot during the week.
It seems great and I feel my son loves reviewing his timeline over and over again.
Because he sees the pictures, he feels he is not struggling to remember.
Each card has a bright colored pictures of the event and the year.
No names are posted on the cards.
 Because your kids are suppose to tell them out loud as they browse through them.
This will help them memorize each event and visualize it as well.