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About Trees Reading Unit

Types of trees

There are three main types of trees.
Broad-leaved Trees, Coniferous Trees and Tropical Trees.

Broad leaved Trees
 Broad leaved Trees have broad, flat leaves.
They produce flowers and seeds.
Deciduous Trees are those who shed their leaves in autumn.
For example
Oaks, Beeches and maple trees.

Coniferous Trees
 Conifers grow in cold weather regions of the world.
Conifers have hard leaves that are shaped like scales or needles.
They produce cones instead of flowers.
Conifers are evergreen because they always have their true green color.
For example
Pines and Cypress trees.
Tropical Trees
Tropical trees grow in parts of the world where it rains most of the year.
Rain Forests are home of these types of trees.
In those parts where there are droughts, trees loose their leaves to survive.
For example
Palms, eucalyptuses and coconut tree.