Jungle Book Lap Book

After reading and watching the new movie that just came out.
I had to make a lap book for Daniel.
We decided to use a lot and I mean a lot of patterns in this one.

Because it has to do with the jungle, rain forests and so forth.
We just wanted to go really bold.

This Lap Book will have your kids getting crafty. 
We decided to do the burned edges and if you have never done this before. 
Please visit my Video Tutorial on how to do it.

Inside each mini book will cover the most important part of the reading.
Have your kids or class. come up with the most important main ideas for each section
in a way they feel at ease retelling the story as they browse through their lap book.

Take a look inside the Lap Book

Front Page

Once you download this lap book you will be getting the crafty paper with he animal print.
You can have your kids cut with round edges and glue it in place.

Inside View

Full of patterns your kids will  get to insert the title on whichever mini book they like.

After this they are ready to write