Hands-on Unit Studies

We have been touching on the Renaissance but 
we have lately been learning about Leonardo Da Vinci so 
I thought for a moment that this unit could very well be connected with 
our Anatomy unit.

I have incorporated these two units by using a very good book from 
our local library. The Way We Work by David Macaulay. This book
has really nice illustrations that my son was able to copy on his own.

Lately, I have been inspired by some of the Waldorf philosophy towards Anatomy.
I really liked the way they use the arts throughout their entire curriculum and
I really was trying to do so with this unit.

I thought this summer would be the perfect occasion for such combination.
After all, summers are very lay back and even though we continue 
homeschooling we do so at a more slower pace.

Here are some of the sketches my son was able to do.
We used pencils and color pencils.

We also decorated our interactive notebook with some of the 
Reformation and Gutenberg's Inventions.

We gathered a few of our supplies at our local craft store.
In this particular drawing my son is learning about the forests.
We have started to paint some leaves in different colors.

We not only learned about our forest unit but also 
a few techniques about water coloring.

This activity was very time consuming but it 
is also important as it promotes concentration and creativity.

My son started making a frame, which means drawing in pencil everything
he will be water coloring later.

We then moved on to our real art activity which really involved 
water coloring.
 In this lesson my son was learning about abstract painting.
He painted a lady with a guitar.

I think overall .....
This type of activity was very hands on and messy.
However, my son was able to enjoy his units a lot more than usual and 
was willing to just learn more in order to draw and paint.