Ancient Mesopotamia Unit

This is a complete unit on Ancient Mesopotamia for the older elementary student.
If you are teaching this in your class you will have on this download 
a teacher's guide to give you some ideas on how to teach this unit.

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The teacher guide comes divided into lessons.
Each lesson can be taught in different classes if you want. 
You will divide your class according to your teaching time.

This unit is teacher-student dialogue based which means the 
students brainstorm on some ideas and questions the teacher
asks on purpose to get them to the right answer.

Students will also read an informational text and complete writing activities.
Along with that they will cut and glue some of the activities as well.

If you would like to read on more details on this unit 
you may click on the link and read on.

More photos of the inside of this Unit

Students will cut and glue into information text.
Then add the information inside.
In the teacher guide you will have instructions on how
to set the tone for this lesson.
Another hands on activity will be to cut and put 
the Ziggurat properly. 
This will be done on each individual reader.

On this download your kids will have an interactive reader. 
Which means they will get to glue and add pockets to it.

One of the activities will have your kids learning about the
Hammurabi Code.
Along with the teacher guide you will be able to teach this with no problem.

We have also used some additional materials we had purchased.
Here is a list of books you can use that have great photos to add to this unit.

Here is a sample page for the teacher's guide to 
help you on teaching the unit

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