Renaissance Interactive Notebook

We used our interactive notebook to learn about the Renaissance.
This unit comes with an informational text
made simple for upper elementary schooled kids.

This unit can be paired with any other resources.
As we are learning about the renaissance we
touched base on important people of the time

The interactive notebook will provide a way for your
students to write in their own words what they have read and learned.
Both reader and informational text can be 
divided into sections 
so you can cover this entire unit in two weeks.

Here is our unit on Leonardo Da Vinci 
we used this unit in conjunction with the Renaissance.

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Here are some of the pages of our informational text.
I have added photographs and facts for each topic we studied.

Details about this unit

Here are some of the points we learned about in this unit

The Plague
Fashion during the Renaissance
Life during the Renaissance
The Reformation
The Ottoman Empire
Age of Exploration
Renaissance in Germany
Renaissance in England
Birth of the Renaissance
Leonardo Da Vinci
Inventions and Inventors

More Photos