Making Three dimensional stickers.

This week we have engaged into making a lot of crafty activities. 
When it comes to crafts, things start adding up the home-school card.

If you are like me, frugal, you look for other ways to get 
to the same result. 


First I had already in my computer bank a few graphics that were
pretty good. 
Them, I placed them into word and enlarged them the way I wanted. 
Printed them into card stock and Done Deal!!!

Each graphic must be printed twice. 
You will place one on top of the other with double sided tape 
in between. 
That is the trick!!!
When doing so you will immediately get the 3D 
looking stickers like a Pro.

Here are some of the stickers that we used in our lap booking 
interactive notebooks. 

We first started using this idea to create our Industrial Revolution 
Lap Book

We aged the cover and this gave the lap book 
an awesome look. 
It really made learning a different business. 

We then, created an album out of paper bags we bought 
at the dollar store. 
A whole bag for just a dollar and still we had some left over.
If you want to see this Project Click Here.

Our Interactive Notebook became really fun to browse through 
and a crafty project. 
When we were learning about Manatees we started adding three dimensional
stickers made from our printer and it was a hit. 

If you want to view this Project Click Here.

Manatee Introduction Page for our Interactive Notebook

It is amazing what so little money
and so much imagination can do