Creating an Adventure Photo Album

I love making crafty projects. 
I really try to add them to our homeschooling whenever I can,
However, they are time consuming. 

One Thing I must share is.......Learning becomes play time and so.
That is the main reason why I add them as much as I can. 

If you are looking for a simple project and at the same time
clean up some of the junk of the drawers.
This one will be a Go!!!

We used paper bags which I had purchased long ago. (total of five)
I never really use them so it was a must go.
I felt bad to get rid of them and since we
have taken a few field trips here and there I thought it would be nice
to use them in something creative.

We ended up making an album, using only a few of them.
I did start helping 
my son but he ended up giving this project the last 

We also got rid of some junk inside our drawer.
At the end we mod podge the entire album as we wanted to 
seal it to take to our field trips.

Details about our project.

We used five paper bags folded and each created five pockets.
Plus the pockets in the bags where you can store more 
findings or cards. 

The album ended up getting mod podged and it was a great 
idea because now it looks leathery and it is sealed.
Some of the 3D stickers we created ourselves.

The fun thing about this project is that we really just browsed
through the magazines we had brought from vacation
and started making our pockets.
We also created a lot of the cards and envelopes out of 
magazine paper.
We really used every resource we had before throwing it

Here is a good example of how we created a pocket and a card out
of our old Junior Ranger booklet which was going to be 
thrown away.
We created lots of envelopes like this one to bring to our
field trips and store photos.

The background of this paper bag is filled with aged inks we had
in our craft cabinet.
As you can see we used magazine cuttings to add to our background.

We added a booklet and a pocket where we can store more photos.

Also we used some of the designs already on the magazine pages
to add as photo cover and create pockets decorating it 
with golden doilies we had.

We added a sewn  booklet where my son can write findings.
It has a leathery look so it goes well with the design of this project.

On the other side a black card stock mini photo keeper with 
some wooden tag we had all tied with a rustic thread.

On this side we added a see through pocket where my son can
store leaves or nature findings. 
Once done he can seal it and keep it for good as they age.

As you can see we also antiqued the back page of this photo
album and doilie and sealed it with mod podge.

In the back of our album we ran the same rustic piece and left 
some pockets to add tags.

Creating Cards out of Scrap paper.

Scrap Paper can really be anything you have including newspaper.
I had printed a lot of our photos already on paper and so
we cutted them to fit these cards we created from magazine scraps.

Each photo creates a pocket,
we added another tag pocket where my son can store any recepts or
papers he would love to keep from a certain 
field trip.

We mod podged each card and aged the ends
I did not want anything fancy because this project 
is really for my son to enjoy so it doesn't have to be perfect but unique.

I hope this project inspires you to make lots of crafty
activities with your kiddos.

We really had lots of fun creating it and
above all we learned to be mindful of things we collect from our trips
and we can use them in future projects.

Ignite the Creativity!!!!