Betsy Ross and The American Flag

A short lesson on the history of the American flag for elementary school kids.
If you are looking to teach the most important facts about this part
of history this is a great mini unit for you.

You will be able to complete this in one class or you may
assign some of this as homework, alone or group classwork.

On this download you will be getting an informational text about Betsy Ross
and the making of the first American flag.

After your kids are done with the reading they will be answering
comprehension questions.

Details about this Unit:

Who was Betsy Ross
What did she do?
Fact page about Betsy and the first flag.
What the flag colors symbolize
Comprehension questions
Choose the correct graphic to describe the flag colors
What is the dignify way to treat the flag
Draw the first American flag according to the reading facts
The United States of America Flag activity
Compare the two flags

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