Visiting Biscayne National Park

Florida's National Parks offer a wide variety of activities for your young homeschooler.
We have been at this program for a while now and my son loves to wear his badges,

You may register your kids on any given park and you will have to pay for the admission
ticket or safe on the yearly membership which will allow you and your family to visit
any National Park in Florida. 

Once a member your kids can complete their activities and assist some 
junior ranger programs at the parks in order to get the badges. 

I highly recommend this if you are looking for a Boy Scout kind of activity.

Taking some of this view in

Some Extras

Some of the extra activities we do are camping and hiking.
 It is important to get your kids 
to experience camping at some point in their life and we have tried this
several times. 
During camping they learn survival skills and about the local 
diversity and habitat of animals and plants.
Not to mention it is an activity you can incorporate as a family group.
During hikes your kids can learn lots from the surroundings depending 
on the parks.

Returning to the Parks

Also it is important to return to the parks as they often have a lot of information to cover.
Parks offer a variety of activities not just hiking and camping. 
You can also bike or kayak around the park's attractions.

Each Junior Ranger Package can be mailed and not necessarily completed
 in one trip to the park. 
You kids can have the experience of returning.

A Quiet Marina at one of the National Parks in Florida.