Dia Dhuit Welcome To Ireland Unit

For this St Patrick's Day 
We are starting our travels to Ireland.

When you are teaching about an specific country.
There are many things to learn. 
It is overwhelming.....same thing happens.....
if you decide to visit.....
so many places to see and learn about.....right?

That is why I have created these units on countries
in them
your kiddos will learn the most important facts
about and specific country.

You may like to see other similar units.
they are all different and cover different things.

What is inside the Ireland Unit?

In the Ireland Unit I wanted to bring current facts
but also a bit of the Celtic Heritage. 
You cannot talk about Ireland and leave behind
The Celts

It includes a Reader with Activities
Lap Book

This specific unit will come with an informational text that has
bright and colorful pictures of Ireland's farmlands and
daily life.

Your kids will understand the Irish culture in depth
the stories of the Leprechauns and the most
visited places in Ireland to this day.

Along with that they will know where Ireland is on the map
the geographical position and weather conditions.
I have included snapshots of Castles and farmlands
for your kiddos to see up close.
I believe visuals are a great asset to teaching 
and the books that I remember the most reading when I was a child
are those that had bright colorful pictures and bold graphics.
So, in this informational text I have applied that all over.

Besides the informational text you will have a lap book. 
Lap books are such a great addition to our home schooling
I have to say.......
We do everything in lap books, which takes longer but....
at the end of the day is totally worthy...
my son memorizes things in a fun way and the way 
this unit has been created there is a lot of repetition so your
kids will be knowledgeable and able to transfer what they have
learned to others.
Lap books showcase this ....because they have to find  key words, small
sentences that would help them describe the Celts, for example or the
sports and foods of the country and so forth.