Kindergarten March Activity Pack

In this pack you will review skills for kindergarten level students. Just print and you are ready to have your class engaged. All activities have a March St Patrick Theme.

Details about these activities

Color the Clover with the most amount of dots. Ten frame review
Roll the dice and trace the sight word.
Sight words used are: are. too, who, she, he, at, yes, went, this.
I know my colors. Coloring activity: Colors used are yellow, green, black, white,brown.
Trace letters in capital and lower case form: L, G, C, P.
Cut and Paste the upper and lower case letters L,G,c,p.
Find the beginning sounds: Cut and paste activity
Trace the numbers from 1-20.
Find the missing numbers from 1-20.
Find the circles and trace them.
Complete the pattern.
Write the numbers before and after.
Trace the alphabet in upper case
Trace the alphabet in lower case.
Color the clover and Trace the word green.
Skip count from 0 to 20 forward and backwards.