Mangrove Trees Units

Everglades National Park 
If you are teaching about the Everglades, swamps or grasslands this unit 
will be a great addition to your teaching.

It is short but at the same time comprised with all your kids need
to know about Mangrove Trees and their habitat.

Mangrove Trees are a very important and unique ecosystem that is worth studying
and getting your kids to know about.
Specially if they live close to the South of the United States or just
visiting Florida.

I have used bright colorful pictures to make this unit unique
plus your kids will be getting comprehension questions after they read.

This way you are assessing their reading as well as their writing.

Details about this Unit

Mangrove trees habitat
What are estuaries.
Mangrove trees and their roots.
Mangrove trees as nurseries
Mangrove trees adaptations
Mangrove trees and the environment
Carbon sequestration
Reproduction of Mangrove trees
Comprehension questions
Key words ( a page with key words for you kids to get familiarized with the reading)

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