Everglades National Park Lap Book


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Mangrove Trees Unit

Inside This Lap Book

You will teach about the following topics on the Everglades National Park

Seasons int he Everglades
Types of Palms (Sable and Saw Palmetto Palms)
Pollution in the Everglades
Threaten and Endangered Species
Where does the water come from?
Wildlife Adaptation
A Map of South Florida to show Lake Okeechobee and the Everglades
Decorations include a Mockingbird and Florida's State Flag and Maracas to showcasee the Latino Population
The Jewel of the Hammock
Grass versus Sedges
Gumbo Limbo
Fires inteh Pinelands
Habitats found in the Everglades National Park (different Habitats)
The Everglades
What is a Habitat?
Wild Life in the Everglades ( Animals found in the Everglades)


In this Lap Book your kids will learn facts about The Everglades and living things that make
this park their Habitat

All answer keys are included with instructions on the completed project. 

You may also add more information to each mini book if you are using any other source.

Here are more Photos of our completed Project.

Lap Book Cover

A look inside this great lap book

To complete this Lap Book
You will need 1 file folder and one extra Card Stock paper to tape along the top.

Cut theTitle Page in the Middle and Glue on the Front of your file folder

More Photos of Our Day at the Everglades National Park

Everglades Trail View

This Junior Ranger Got to Close to the Camera

Here you can see the More of the Everglades Bridge that connects our Trail