Three Sisters Spring

If you are looking for a place to relax during a weekend getaway.
This is the spot to go.
Best months to visit are the cold months when you will be able to see manatees.

Many people are afraid of swimming in Florida and for obvious reasons.
This is the place where Gators call home.

We actually have three living in our backyard and so
we have to co exist with them.

However, when looking for a swimming spot
this is a great place.
The temperature on this natural spring in around 72 degrees year round.
Gators don't like water that cold.
So, it is an excellent swimming and kayaking spot.

More about this town

The three sisters spring sits on a cozy town known as Crystal River.
You may park at the Visitor's Center and walk pretty much around town.

Around the month of March there are fewer visitors

Trolley that takes you to the park

Although we did not eat anywhere nearby in the city
 we did park and took a trolley.

If you are visiting to have a kayak experience you do not have to pay to go in the park
just look for a place nearby where they are renting kayaks and they will 
guide you to the three sisters spring.
Please note that .....
The park has no access to the spring only the view.

My personal opinion was that the tickets to the park were rather expensive
for what the park had to offer.

If you want to take a photo like the one above you will have to pay
to go into the park .
The park is no big deal just views of the spring and walking trails that are nothing
you will not have seen before in Florida.
Most of the trails were not completed and led to a gated community.

Again......we just went to take the panoramic photos.

Photos of the trials and inside the Park.

A trail that lead to a gated community

You might find something to talk about along the way

From this wooden trail you will be able to take photos of the spring
Not very hot during the month of March however be prepare to stop for a break.

Along the trail you will be able to look at some of Florida's flora and fauna
Great view of the spring however cannot be accessed from the park.

Kayaking at Three Sisters Spring

Our family in the kayak.

This is a great experience, not only you can freely go around 
until you reach the spring but you can get lucky and swim with manatees.
From the beach to the springs in kayak is roughly 20 minutes.
Then, you anchor your kayak and must swim to the spring.

Taking a look at the marina

The spring is home to the Manatees and you cannot kayak inside.
You will definitely need vest to help you since it is a long swim.
Besides the manatees might bump on you. 
So definitely I recommend the vest even if you are a great swimmer.

Some people like to snorkel or scuba dive however remember the water 
will be cold.

Once inside the spring the water is deep

We actually were able to see a manatee pass right through.

Overall it is a great place to hang out and something you can do
over the course of a weekend with your family and friends.

while on the kayak we were able to see the different homes and marinas.
So it was really neat.