Visiting the driving Vistas of the Smokey Mountains

While in Tennessee you might want to visit the Great Smokey Mountains.

It is among the most visited state parks in the USA. 
Besides, it still holds most of the history of the people who lived there 1880's and even earlier.

This park is among my favorites to camp at. 
We had the gorgeous flowing water sounds surrounding our camp site and it was amazing. 
We also are part of the Junior Ranger program they have for kids so this was a learning experience.

We traveled light and were able to learn a lot of the plants, animals and history of the mountains.

We had no encounters with bears or any other form of animals due to the fact that it was very cold.

The trails were really something. 
We love walking and along the way we would sing and have lot of fun. 

This is a very visited park so there is traffic in and out at all times.

There is also room for taking lots of pictures of the vistas as you drive up to 
Cling man's Dome, the highest point in the Smokey Mountains.

Here is a photo of one of the vistas as you drive the winding road. 

If you are traveling in winter you will feel around 10-15 degrees Fahrenheit as you move higher.
Be Prepared!!!!

More Photos of the Vistas of the Great Smokey Mountains