Christmas in Camelot lap book

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If you love reading a good Christmas story. 
You will definitely love to have your kids read 
Christmas in Camelot by Mary Pope Osborne.
and what better way to get your class engaged into a book 
than completing a lap book .

This lap book will have your class coloring and summarizing 
every chapter in their own words.

This is a great resource to add as closure on this great story in a very crafty way.

I have also added extra facts about Camelot that are not in the story and some
extra decorations your kids can insert any where they like.
You do not have to follow the same layout as I did and
that is the beauty of all my products.
Your kids can really just come up with whatever layout they like.

Here are some Pictures of the completed project,

To complete this project you will need:

One manila folder
an extra card stock insert that will go taped in the center.

This is the other side of the card stock insert.

I hope you enjoy this product and please leave your comments or questions

Thank you and enjoy teaching!!!