The Laurel Falls at the Smokey Mountains

The Smokey Mountains is a huge place. You will need a lot of time to get to see all of it.
So, for this specific trip I have decided on seeing the Laurel Falls.
A pretty decent hike up the mountains, this hike is easy.
However, if you decide to venture out and go down to the actual Fall you will need to 
hike down wet and slippery rocks.

If you knew me, 
I definitely did go for it.
So here is it, our experience, maybe you want to try it out on your trip to this great park.

Hiking up the mountain.
Super easy, you will have vistas you can enjoy. 
You may also stop if you get tired.
Completely normal.

Even though the temperatures were pretty low on the 20's after a good hike
you loose the coat and here we are venturing down to the actual fall.

This Junior Ranger got a pretty good experience out of this one. 
As any kid his age he would move fast up and down these rocks like it was nothing.
Well, I think I was more scared than him. For sure!!!

Here is a great photo spot you can check out. 
Lots to learn.

Great views and super worth it.

We went through that crack behind us right back up to the trail. Super nice!!!

This is a great experience even if you are traveling with young ones. 
There is room to rest and stop and take lots of memorable moments along the way.