My Free Bible Homeschool Resources

Today we continue our Bible Unit of Study. 
Please read on to find all the freebies I have on my blog for this subject if you are interested.

Just a Thought

If you are new to lap booking or note booking 
and have no clue where or how to put a lap book 
You may download my free lap booking templates here.

I have also found really helpful to have my son pair
any study with some puppets and this website has quite a few that
are great to add to your lesson.
Specially if you have really young kids.

Bible Characters

A new unit to our Bible Studies

This new unit you may download for free here.

Bible Verses (reviewing cursive penmanship)

Other Units we have completed 

If you follow my blog you will see I have posted quite a few
free  Bible 
sample pages along the way as well as resources.

You may find them here along with gorgeous lap books
I have done on the following

A Bit on free units to Comes

These units are great to add to your homeschooling bible studies.
I will keep posting on a monthly basis whatever we add along the way.

My new units will have be made with the following in mind.....

  • The bible is not just a history book but a prophetic book. 
  • Find appealing verses that a child can understand as this is important for anyone to feel drawn to reading a book.
  • Review cursive writing by repeated bible verses.
  • Review human character: Forgiveness, Endurance, Envy and so forth by reading different books like the one of Joseph.
  • All units can be used with any Christian education

Is your Bible like our Bibles?

Probably not....

So, I am ramping up our Home school shopping cart with bibles. 
Yes, they are all different and there is nothing wrong with 
having your kids read the same story in different bibles.

However, I must say, that the number one reason I 
purchased these bibles was because they had great graphics.

Some are easier to read than others and that is quite alright. 

My Choices of Children's Bibles

The Nelson's Picture bible is a new addition this year and we love it.
It is a bible for upper elementary school kids who can read smaller print.
This is a bible that we use to read at night and it is a thick book.

The graphics speak for themselves and it is very extensive but
I like the fact that its layout is introducing your kids
to the real book.

I had the Picture Catholic Bible in the past.
We really liked it because again, it has great graphics.

This bible's layout is like any other reader book.
The print is larger, more suitable for lower elementary school kids.
I really liked the fact that it has the laminated corners on each page. 
You can tell it has been done with good craftsmanship.
Chapters are highlighter and summarized for the young child.
Each moves chronologically from the Old to the New Testament.

I have also added a few extras to our reading this year

Whether you are Catholic or not
This book will have your kids reading about those people who followed Christ.
The print is quite small, geared towards upper elementary levels. 
The narrative is simple and straight forward although it might require
parent help.
It has a column layout and very nice graphics for your kids to enjoy.

I hope these choices help all of you out there who are 
looking for some Bible resources and books.

The Book of Virtues is one of my favorites
Not necessarily a Bible book but its narrative will have your kids
learning about life's values and virtues just like Aesop's Fables.

I personally like one where kids learn to love animals and nature.

Some of the characters are mythological however.....

Some are also christian and religious.

This is an excellent pair to your Bible Studies.

Enjoy teaching and have a Blessed Day~~~!!