Free Calendars 2017

Searching for new calendars can be tricky and expensive.

There are many choices out there but really since
not every body home schools or has the same needs as me,
it became difficult to find one that would suited me.

Here are some of the pages I have used to make my calendar.
Please download them if you wish to use them.

Inside My Daily Planner I have added a Daily Agenda View
With notes and goals on the side
Right below I have added my daily water intake
and at the end of each week a weekly summary 
Blog posts and To Do list

I like this design since it allows me to write out my working appointments
as well as summarize my weekly goals.
Each month has a different title page which I have provided for you below.

Title Pages Per Month

Click on the Picture to Download

This download has gorgeous calendar title pages and 
a monthly view.

This layout is excellent for keeping your calendar in a three ring binder.
if you are spiral binding it you can replace each month page as you go.

You might also like to add

Your Daily Agenda View.

These are editable and you will have you add your date.
they can be used for every year.

Also, I have designed these to be a bit larger than usual allowing you to have more space
when writing your daily appointments.

You can see the picture of my calendar to get an idea.

Homeschooling Weekly Subject View

For our homeschooling we are currently using a separate calendar and 
this one in particular focuses on weekly assignments I will give per subject.

Simple layout and can be laminated if you do not need to 
keep a log of your yearly home school curriculum or attendance.

I have also added a variety of title page designs for you to choose from.

Thank you all and hope this is a helpful post.