Bees Lap Book

If you have downloaded my unit on
All About Bees, you will love this lap book.
You may pair this activity with my Bee Flashcards

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Lap Books are a great addition to any curriculum.
This particular lap book I created as part of the unit on bees
but it can also be used as a 
stand alone lap book paired with any books or documentaries on bees.

About my Units

My Complete Units of Study come with hands on activities,
 cutting, gluing and reading.
 In this particular unit you will not receive
 this lap book but 45 pages of reading and
hands on activities.
The lap book is sold separately.
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Inside the Unit on Bees you will have........................
A reader,  done with bright colorful pictures to engage the reader into the material learned.
Plus black and white graphics for your kids to color and learn. 

Here are more pictures of our Reader on All ABout Bees. You may download it here

Units are complete and come packed with readers and hands on activities

About This Lap Book

What to Expect ?

In this lap book you will be getting
 your teachers' notes or answer key.
No Reader (Sold Separately)
This will assist you in teaching and guiding
your class to write the correct answers
for each individual mini book or pocket.

This lap book will compiled all
your kids need to know about bees. 
Tailored for elementary schooled kids it comes filled with facts,
vocabulary words and more.

Here is a a picture of the lap book as
we completed it in our homeschooling class.

Download Lap Book Here

When you make learning fun and meaningful facts stick like glue. 

Topics included on Lap Book:

Wax Making
Bees Communication
Inside the Cells 
Hive Robbers
Vocabulary Words
Bee Photo Archive
Bee Farms
Bee Facts
Bee Types
Honey Making
Parts of a Bee
Round Dance
Waggle Dance
Written Activity 
Title Page
Answer Key 

What will you need to complete this project?

Upon your download you will be getting instructions
 and a list of things you will need.
Because I have included an answer key
 you will just have to print and follow instructions.

Very Simple Layout.

You Will Need

This project will require you to have a 1 file folder
 and an extra card stock insert.
Besides you will need glue, scissors and tape.

That is all!!!!!

More of the lap book

This unit is warranted to have your class learning creatively
and was made in