The Mitten Lap Book

A lap book based on the book "The Mitten" by Jan Brett.

A wonderful Christmas story for reading out loud
 or having your early elementary class read to themselves.
I have created this lap book to go with it.

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If you love reading to your kids this is one of my favorites of all times.
Based on a Ukrainian Folk Story.

In this lap book your kids will learn lots of facts about the different
animals in the story.

The Fox
The Bear
The Snowshoe Rabbti
The Hedgehog
The Meadow Mouse
The Owl
The Badger
The Mole

Besides I have also added Baba and Nicki
You kids will learn what a Folktale is and some extra facts
They will do a hands on activity decorating a Pysanka Egg and a Mitten.
I have also included a map so your kids can locate where Ukraine is in the world.

Pysanka Egg Activity

The Mitten Activity

You will need a one file folder and an extra card stock insert
to complete this lap book

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