Sweet Water Park

While traveling through this great country we came across this beauty.
Secluded in Sweet water Park in Georgia
 you can take a long white trail that would lead you into this great waterfall among huge rocks. 
This area is great for taking lots of pictures with your family.
Also, great for picnic or just relaxing with love ones.

Enjoy the sound of the cascading water along the rocks and sit by to relax. 

We took the longest trail. But, with plenty of water you will manage.

Gorgeous views of the water and rocks in this lake.
I loved it.

We stayed a long time to take a long trail and learn about nature.

Relax while listening to this water and take in all that surrounds you.

We are used to the heat of Florida so for us it was not very hot. 
Although as you will be walking a rather difficult trail on your way back 
you will be expected to hike and sweat.

I never thought these shoes might be comfy.
But, yes, they are very very comfy, specially because 
the way back had a lot of rocky terrain and hiking.

Wear shoes that will protect you if you fall and also your legs.
A few hiking trails will be there on your way back to the Gift Shop.

In this Park you will also find Civil War Ruins.

To get there you must hike a lot and they are fenced in so  you cannot walk inside them.
However, you will be able to take good pictures.

Lots of rocks and slippery trails ahead. Up slope the mountain. 
Good thing my son has been hiking since he is very young.