The Pilgrims and the First Thanksgiving Lap Book

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A Lap book that comprises important information and facts about 
the Pilgrims and the First Thanksgiving.
This lap book comes with answer sheets excellent to use with younger kids that take a long time to write facts.
Also I have completed it in black and white for your kids to color as well. 
Instructions are attached to this lap book and it will be very simple to put together.

Inside This Lap Book

Answer sheets for your kids to add to their mini booklets.
Black and White pictures of animals and foods the pilgrims ate as well as accessories they brought with them. This is done in a cut and paste activity your kids will complete. 

Mini Books will go by the following titles.

Inside the Mayflower
Inside a Pilgrim's Chest
Animals in the Mayflower
Gathering at Plymouth
The Treaty
Pilgrim's Bread Recipe
First Landing
Building Homes 
Pilgrim Words
A Map
Schooling in Plymouth
Children's Chores
Religion in Plymouth 
Inside the First Homes
Who were the Pilgrims? (Separatists/Puritans and Religion Beliefs.

You may use this lap book to complement any other book on Pilgrims or just as a stand alone lesson.

This is a sample page for the instructions in your download.