Frogs Unit of Study

A Complete unit on Frogs, that comes with lap book included.
Equipped with a reader, comprehension questions and hands on activities. 
This is all you need to complete an entire lesson on frogs.
You may also 

Use to complement any other reading on frogs.
The Reader has bright colorful pictures and big font for simple reading.
Reader also has facts about frogs and Toads and a few jokes as well to
make learning fun.

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Front of Lap book

Download Frog Unit Now

The lap book about frogs will have your kids writing about this amphibian.
With the help of the reader you will have your class complete the lap book.

Things You Need To Put Lap Book Together

To complete this lap book you will need
1 Manila folder
Two extra pieces of cardboard
Tape to keep cardboard in place.

In this Lap Book you will have to teach about the following topics

What are tadpoles?
Frog Sizes
Life Cycle of a Frog
Anatomy of a Frog
Toads and Frogs: Difference
Facts about frogs
Vocabulary words: to find in reader you are using
A frog's Habitat
Classifying Frogs
A Frog's Diet
Types of Frogs
Title Page
Background frog design paper: To decorate Lap book (optional)

We have used a background paper that has cute frog designs (same as title page) 
(but this is optional) you do not have to use it.

Getting Crafty with the Lap Book

As you can see we have used a distress look on the edges of the lap book.
My son loves that look so I really let him design his lap book freely.

If you want that look you can use the Distress Inks by Holtz.

This is the inside of the lap book.
We have used extra orange cardboard paper (2 pieces) to complete this lap book
i have designed this lap book a bit large because
Frogs are usually taught in First Grade as well.
So it goes well with younger kids.

In the Life Cycle Wheel. You will have your kids draw under each frog.
Gluing only the top and allowing the square to flip upwards and downwards.

More about your download.......

On your download you will also be getting this extra activity.
For your kids to label 5 things they will remember about frogs.
Also a picture of a toad and frog for your kids to compare.