Smokey Mountains

Sometimes I wonder why we take vacations in winter time!!!
It is year round awesome weather in Florida
we always think it is nice to at least once in a while visit these frigid places.
we get there.....................
then we wonder.........
Why are we here in winter?
According to locals, this year was not cold at all.
But, we were freezing.
Not to mention I lost feel of my toes and hands.

We entered the park through North Carolina and it was very steep.
If you are planning this one, make sure your car in able to go up the mountains.
Our road was a one way street up and up and up and up.
At first we thought we were lost. but
We entered the park close to what is known as Cade Cove.

Once inside you may approach the great views but not the wild life.
You expect to get hurt or eaten.
We will visit once more in the summer as this park is huge and there is lots to see.

Take a look at the beautiful colors of this amazing park

Truly amazing!!!
You can drive through the entire park and stop to see this view.