Cade Cove Visit

Our trip to Cade Cove was amazing.
The winter was hard to handle because as Floridians we are not used to it.
But, it was worthy.
We were able to go inside and walk the trails of the 1900's and as we did
It seemed somehow we were walking history itself.
The old school house.
The old homes and barns.
The great views of the Smokeys and the stream from the mountains.
The old Baptist Church and of course the fresh cold air.

Cade Cove in Black and White

This house still stands from the 1900's you can walk inside and read the history behind it.

So many memories where once in this old place.

The walls had old wall paper and newspaper cuttings of old times

In the upstairs rooms

The old school house where the children learned.
Also there is a stream right next to it. 
Great sound!!!

Take a look at the stream the kids probably drank from

Inside these walls lots of kids learn their ABC's

Again, the stream next to the school

An old barn

As you drive more you can visit the Baptist church.
As you read, the echoes are heard.
Lots of prayers were answered here. I bet!!!