Mount Vernon

Visiting Mount Vernon was very special for us.
We would love to visit in the summer again as it is quite big and had not time to complete it.
The entire estate is
To be exact 8,000 acres. 
It was a worthwhile experience!!!!!
You can get a military discount at the entrance as we did!!!
This is the museum entrance
They also have most of the things that Washington had during his lifetime.
Statues in the museum entrance
A miniature of Washington's House
The large state in miniature

A sight the first president had seen many times

The front of the house

Where the meats where kept 

Farming at Mt Vernon

We walked the entire forest and farming area on foot

The private forest

Slave quarters

Where animals were fed

It is good to visit when there is nobody else around and you can take lots of pictures

Mt Vernon

Potomac River

A Tree planted by G. Washington himself