Primate Rain Forest

Monkey Swimming Pool

Part of completing our Unit on Primates we took a field trip to Monkey Jungle. 
As advertised, humans are caged and monkeys run wild.
By paying the admission ticket you are to witness some shows. 
For instance the monkey swimming pool.
With plenty of open sitting your kids will learn about monkeys' social behavior.
Eating habits, traits of a male monkey and witness wild feeding of eggs.
We found this to be very interesting and funny.

Moving along Monkey Jungle you will find plants from the forest biomes. 
Like this one I am holding.
Normally these plants don't grow as big when planted on the floor.
When they attach to trees their leaves become huge and bigger as they climb up.

While plants are among the things you will be surrounded by 
Don't forget the monkeys
A path of cages will take you through different types of monkeys.
These monkeys are in cages because they do not get along with the ones running wild.
In Monkey Jungle 
You are caged and the monkeys run wild.
Other things we witness were monkeys'  behavior and how they groom each other.
They are very smart and once you feed the can they lift it and eat the contents.
We also observed that monkeys are picky eaters. 
They love dry nuts but they raising are not their favorites.
They favored sun flower seeds and nuts.

Witness feeding the wild monkeys

A One of a Kind Experience

If you are looking for your kids to experience first hand how monkeys behave in the wild.
You have to pay for the Amazon Rain Forest Tour.
A bit pricey but we were able to walk a path surrounded by monkeys 
No cages.

First view inside the tour

Your kids will be able to feed them and they will climb on you.
You will be introduced to the Male and the new born as well.

Some tips to bring with you

Because this is a wild tour. Bring repellent. Not just for the mosquitoes but for the bugs.
It is literally wild out there.

First your kids will wait for the monkeys to come.

By placing an empty hand the monkeys will climb on you 

They will use your hand as a tree branch and you will have them on you like crazy.

There, the guide will help you through the journey 

We had lots of fun

Monkeys were fed a trail mix and the tour lasted for about 45 minutes.

This is my favorite picture. Super cute a female monkey jumped on Daniel and he fed her.

If you are looking for some wild tour in Florida don't miss 
Monkey Jungle
You will be caged to witness the wild monkeys.