Civil War Lap Book

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We have covered the studying of the Civil War some time ago. 
It is time we went back and review a few things. 
As my son gets older we add more new info about each historical event.

Why Lap Books?

What better way than a lap book to store all of the new things we learned?
Lap Books are very handy and store a whole unit in just a few card stocks and 1 manila folder.
It is another way to get your kids hands on to review what they have read.
They have to narrow the important facts of their reading to complete the lap book. 
It is like reading and highlighting things to remember. This helps them with memorization.

More on this Lap Book

I have created this lap book based on the Book An American Journey 2004 edition.
It is an old edition I purchased used but it has a lot of information I found very useful. 

In this Lap Book you will be getting .........

No lesson plan. Only instructions on how to put the lap book together.
You will need to word and teach your class using a text book that covers the following 
parts of the Civil War.

Topics inside the Lap Book

Title Page
Timeline (blank for you to fill in the blanks)
Vocabulary words (blank and written) 
Facts about the civil war
Life during the civil war
The Road to the Civil War
 ( Slavery and the West, Dred Scott/ Douglass Debate, Acts of 1850-1854, Election 1860)
Civil War Archives (actual photos of the civil war)
Women of the Civil War ( Clara Barton, Rose O'neal, Frances Clayton)
3 extra newspaper sheets on the prominent battles of the civil war.
Slavery during the civil war (photos and a booklet for your kids to write facts to remember)
Eli Whitey 
The Cotton Gin Machine and its impact during the civil war
Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad
Eat like a Soldier
 (your kids will research and look for recipe for Hardtack, Johnny Cake and Corn Bread)
Musicians of the Civil War ( Buglers and Drummer Boys, photos included as well)
Flags used during the civil war
Union Soldier (booklet)
Confederate Soldier (booklet)
Samuel Morse and the Telegraph with the Morse Code example in it
Ships of the Civil war ( Monitor, Virginia, Paddle Wheeler)
Emancipation Proclamation
Aftermath and Reconstruction (photos and booklet for you kids to add more info)
African Americans during the civil war (photos and newspaper cutting)
Famous Quotes of the Civil War
Important People of the Civil War
 (Abe Lincoln, Ulysses S Grant, Rober E Lee and Jefferson Davis)

More Photos of our Lap Book

 Inside Look