Visiting the Little Grand Canyon

Located in Georgia. This Canyon is known as the Little Grand Canyon for a reason. 
A man made disaster turn into natural wonder. 
Excellent to take pictures and bring the kids to learning about farming 
and how it can affect the environment.

The Canyon is home to trails that can be as short as 3 miles and as long as 7 miles.
For the long trails, it is require that you take some food, extra water and a
 walking stick to help you through the rough terrain.

Overall, a great experience you can have in a family vacation. 
A one day trip if you get there on time. 
Park closes at sundown so you have to plan your day accordingly.

Climbing is not permitted on the Canyon walls however, there are some places you can 
get a bit  closer and take awesome pictures.

There is a lot of muddy roads with lots of water.
Wear comfortable water proof shoes. 

Personally, I ended up with a soar throat but I have always have problems with asthma as a child.
Plan, if you have kids, with the same problem, ahead. 

Bring any medicine you might need for the day after.
The sand will get to those of us less fortunate. 

We visited in the month of late July. It was hot and humid. 
But, bearable. 
Nothing a good bottle of water cannot fix.

What I liked the most was the fact that you can spread out into the different trails on your own.
Literally, in your own group without anybody around you.
We were able to take our time to take pictures over and over again.


What to wear???

Anything that is comfortable for you. 
I wore my Spanish Conqueror shorts, which I found super cute when at the store.
These boots, very old, but comfy.
They have been my veterans because I have used them in past field trips.
Hats and protective shocks maybe up to your knee, you might get scratch with plants or shrubs.

Just saying!!!

I hate sunglasses!!! specially when I have to take pictures, but definitely important to wear. 

Resting in our trails.
My son wore high water proof boots.
These are a must when you have kids. They are always worn and packed when we go on field trips.
I do not care if we are not planning any muddy activity. They still come in the bag.
You never know if you might change your plans.

A hat and lots lots lots of sunscreen.