Civil War Newspaper

So, I have come up with a great idea in having Daniel report to me all learned material.
 He is in charge of making this newspaper.

On this day, he dressed up as a gentleman from the civil war times and started writing about reporting the Battle of Bull Run, Antietam and Gettysburg as well as the assassination of Lincoln.

We had lots of fun so I decided to even go further and print more on the most relevant battles along with  the Women of the Civil war. While reading the book "The Magic Tree House" Civil War on Sunday we found a chapter on Clara Barton and we wanted to include it in our learning pages.
The Civil war is very extensive as any history you will teach to children but it is very important to have the kids research and find pictures of the actual events and relevant people rather than clip arts.

Our Civil War Field trip Photos 

Reporting the news of the Battle of Bull Run

The Young Journalist

Lincoln In the Breaking News

Brave Women in the Civil War

We love making lap books and it has proven to teach my son  all the way. I am very happy. 
However I feel he needs to integrate a few more things like computer skills.
I have him to an Interactive Journal for every Subject. 
For History he is to search the web for actual pictures and glue them.
You can also adapt this to a lap book if you wish it. 

Paper Doll Hariet Tubman

Paper Doll Sarah Barton

The Women of the Civil War Booklets

Morse Code and The Telegraph

Pocket closed view

The Underground Railroad

Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad 

Close pocket view in our Interactive Notebook

Periscopes in the War

Drawing of a Periscope

Important people of the Civil War

Food Soldiers ate with Recipe Pockets

The Musicians of the War

Our Interactive Journal

Pics taken from the web to make it more complete

Our Home Made Periscope

Our Timeline for the Civil war