Vertebrates and Invertebrates Lap Book

If you are teaching about Vertebrates and Invertebrate Animals
Here is a Lap Book that will summarize for your class the entire unit. 

Please note that if you download this unit you will not be getting a lesson plan
answer sheet. Only a lap book 
This Lap Book comes in Color not in black and white. 

Classical Conversations Cycle 1 Weeks 4-5

This is also great for using with Classical Conversations Biology and Geology Acts and Facts Cards

Please take a look at other lap book pictures below

Front Cover

Complete Lap Book inside Look

You will need an extra cardboard paper to complete this project.

Inside this Lap Book You will teach about

Mammals, reptiles Fish, Birds, 

Worms, Sponges, Amphibians, Mollusks, Sea Sponges, Stinging Cell Organisms, Arthropods

Sexual versus Asexual Reproduction

Live birth

Define Vertebrates and Invertebrates Animals