Animal Classification Lap Book

If you are teaching this part of Science.
Your kids will love to complete a hands on activity with this lap book.
This will help them memorize what they have learned.
and at the same time
go back and review.

Classical Conversations Cycle 1 Weeks 1-4

This is also great for using during your Classical Conversation Cycle 1
Acts and Facts cards from Science and Geology

Things to Know 

Please note you are downloading only a lap book
No lesson plan is included 
All the inserts are in black and white for your kids to further color and personalize.
We love coloring as part of our lap booking experience.
The following photos are included on your download to help you put the lap book 
together however, you can really use whichever order your kids like.


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Animal classification chart: with pictures for your kids to answer questions and classify organisms.