Taking a Look Inside The Cell

We started our study of Cells.

We completed our Lap book and some online documentaries.
Here are some pictures of our fun day.


Inside this Lap Book

Have kids cut out the shape and fill in the blanks according to plant or animal cell


Putting together this Lap book 

First you will need a manila folder. Folded in three parts.

You may glue the inside of your lap book the same way I did.
There is no preference.

Second you will need to add an extra thick page to the top.

You may tape it as I did.

Third You will keep adding more thick pages to your lap book

It is necessary to do this to keep adding all the pockets into place.
You may use any order you like
This is the part where you can get creative and have the pages.
either up, down or side ways.

Hope this is helpful in completing the lap book. 

Online Resources