Ancient Mesopotamia Lap Book

Mesopotamia Complete Unit Study

A complete Unit Study on Ancient Mesopotamia for your kids to learn about 
The Cradle of Civilization.
Done in Black and White this reader can be printed at 80% and used as part of an 
interactive notebook.
You may also pair it with my free interactive notebook pages (link down below)
Take a look at our own Interactive Notebook.
As your kids read they are to complete the lap book on their own. 
I always like to incorporate independent work to our home schooling
through lap books. 

If you do not want to use this reader in your class you may like to 
just download the Lap Book and do some research on your own.
Take a look at the Lap Book Details below.

Mesopotamia Lap Book Only

When you download this product you will be getting a lap book mini books on Ancient Mesopotamia. This inserts can also be used for interactive notebooks.

Please note that you are not downloading a lesson plan or answer sheet only mini books. 
You have to word your lesson according to your class's grade level. 
You may also have to do some research if you don't know much about Mesopotamia.
or pair with any books on Mesopotamia.

Details about this pack

Tittle Page black and white for kids to color
Social classes
The temples of ancient mesopotamia
Sargon the great
Iraq map
Art in ancient mesopotamia mini book no title on it
The city of Ur
The legend of Gilgamesh
Women in Ancient Mesopotamia
The Annunaki Sumerian Religion
Writing in Ancient Mesopotamia
Cylinder Seals
Vocabulary words empty for your own choice of words
Library of Nineveh
Farming in Ancient Mesopotamia
Assyrian Empire
Timeline empty for your own choice of words
Sumerian Astronomy Facts
The Hammurabi Code
Education in Ancient Mesopotamia
Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Thank you 

More Pictures on this Activity

Two folders glued together

A closer look at the pockets

Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Cover of Lap Book

Teach With Documentaries from Youtube

Mesopotamia: Interesting documentary about how Mesopotamia looked like.