Multiplication Activities

Reviewing multiplication facts
These flashcards have proven to be very useful.
We run through them every day to reinforce learned multiplication facts.

You can print them in different colors and separate them into freezer bags.
You may also laminate them to frequent use.
For sure, keep them handy because you will see how your kids
will become better and better at them in a few days.

First we started using them in groups of factors. 
For instance only 2 or 3
We placed them randomly and grouped them in groups of two factors. 
Like in the picture above.
2 and 3
All the answers were in the center.
We timed ourselves and recorded the timing to try the next day.
Faster and faster. 
We are loving this one!!!

I have also added more flashcards to our pack

If your kids are more visual learners you may also like these bright
yellow flashcards. 
They are bigger in size and great for laminating as well.

Download these flash cards instead
Great for visual practice and learners.

We also use this lines to insert into our Math Interactive Notebook

Every time you practice multiplication you can have a variety of activities.
Because multiplication is memorization.
If you always repeat the same activities 
your routine might get a bit boring.
This way you can keep your kids interested.

Cut along the dotted lines and insert line
Your kids can scroll up and down as they memorize the times table.

Puzzle Pieces All The Way

You can never go wrong with puzzle pieces and memorization.
This is an old trick under the sleeve but it always works.
I personally love using puzzle pieces for everything that has to do with memorization.
Grab these at a great price and safe time in making them.

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