The Anasazi Indians Unit Study

Anasazi Indians and Petroglyphs

We completed this simple Unit Study of the Ancient ones.
We were able to visit some Anasazi Indian ruins in Arizona so it was a very good experience.
This Unit can be printed and put together as a reader. 
if you are into interactive notebooks  please to print to 80% the whole zip file 
and you should be able to have your students work on their own.

Bright colored pictures accompany this reader with large print for easy reading.

Activities are done after reading each page.

You can see I also have incorporated drawing pictures of adobe style homes and petroglyphs 
This is our visit to the Anasazi Ruins.
 I have posted the video even though is very short.
Sorry about that.
Hope it is helpful

Our Tour to the Anasazi Ruins

This is how our final Unit looks like.

Complete unit in spiral binding

Other activities include
 Make a Diorama of the Anasazi Indians

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