Geography Unit Study

I have been working on many things lately but after our field trip to Grand Canyon, we have started in a very extensive Geography unit study.
I have created for my son this Geography reader and activity package.

In this Package I have included  the following topics.
 You may print them in 80% to fit a composition notebook and add as an interactive notebook.

The Layers of the Earth
Definition of Plate Tectonics
Grand Canyon

Photos of the Day

Please note that while we were learning about Erosion we used the Grand Canyon as an example. We were lucky enough to take a trip there and see it up close. On our trip we also visited a lot of ruins and learned about the people that lived at Grand Canyon. 

So, I added a few things that I thought to be of importance about the Anasazi Indians.

As all of my other products there is a lot of drawing involve and hands on activities. 
You may also take it an extra step and add the lap book that goes along with the Reader.

Here are some pictures of what it is to come September 1st 2015!!


Rocks Unit Study


Types of Erosion. We printed the copies in black and white but they are color copies

Hands on a 3D reader where kids can glue and insert their mini books.

Our Tour to the Grand Canyon. 

Pictures of our Unit on Erosion already binded

Layers of the Earth

Layers of the Earth and Plate Tectonics

Hope you all have fun teaching this Unit!!! Blessings.