Erosion Unit Study

A hands on Unit study to simplify for your kids in elementary level the concept of Erosion
This Unit has bright colored pictures and large print for easy reading.
Your kids will be working on mini books so you can print the whole zip file in 80%
and use as an interactive notebook.
I prefer to bind all of our unit studies into a big one to show case but
it is according to your taste.

Types of Erosion. We printed the copies in black and white but they are color copies
As you can see there will be mini books to cut and glue into your reader. 
What I like is that your kids can read and do comprehension activities on their own.
This way they practice reading comprehension.

Hands on interactive notebook where kids can glue and insert their mini books into reader

I also like having Daniel highlight and read twice each page. 
He highlights important facts or main ideas as he goes along.

This is also a good way to have your kids start working on their own. 

We were lucky to be able to visit the Grand Canyon this year so this unit was very fun to do and experience.

Here is a video of our trip to Grand Canyon. 

This is the Angel Trail. 

Hope you enjoy!!!

Our Tour to the Grand Canyon. 

Here is how I like to keep our Units in spirals so we can organize things better.

Pictures of our Unit on Erosion already binded

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