Gatorland Florida

While visiting Orlando

you might want to pass by Gator land.
In this 110 acre park you will be able to see and learn about the gators 
but also preview what the Everglades is all about .
This is an attraction I would recommend to all.

Even though no food is allowed we were able to bring in some
fruits and water bottles.

Mainly this is a regulation so you do not feed the animals with 
your own food inside.
I suppose if you are able to follow the rules you will be able to bring your food.

Petting Zoo 

I always like to do the petting zoo. 
Occasionally they have one at the Fair in Florida every year.
Definitely one you want your kids to try.

If you are coming in the petting zoo do not give paper or you maps to these
Even though they will eat it, it is not allowed.

You can buy the food at the front and feed these cuties.

Always hungry

Hands on

All very friendly

The Gators

You will have a wide variety of gators to see. 
Also, they have shows where you can feed them yourself 
or buy the hot dogs and throw them on selected areas to feed them.

These are Albino Gators and are isolated.
In the wild they will be eaten by others.

wrestling shows.

Among the things you can do inside this park.
Zip lining is the thrill.
You will zip line above the gators and even walk a suspended bridge.

Other views of the park

A view from the zip lining.

A water park where your kids can spend the hot Florida vacation.

Some other animals

Among the other animals your kids will be able to walk and see turtles.
The Florida Panthers, snakes and a variety of birds.

The Trails

Walking trails are at the back side of the park as well as a train you
 can ride around 
the place.
These trails hold a variety of plants that are endangered or have been here
 for more than 500 hundred 

I hope you all take the time to visit Gator Land while in 
After all Orlando is not all about Disney World.