Math Addition Fact Cards

This is a growing bundle.
Right now you will be downloading only flashcards 
every week I will be posting more and more hands on activities and worksheets.


Since I have not finished it 
I would like to share with all parents out there.
Please just print and use. 

You may contact me through IG and share your thoughts.

Learning Addition Techniques

When talking about learning we know, all children are different.
You might have the visual learners or the ones that need more hands on.

I have read a lot about teaching addition and the different techniques out there to do so.
I have to be honest.
This is the one that I have found to be successful.

I have spent a week on each number with my son and it truly works.
No headaches, no tears.
That is very important to me because, once your kids associate Math with tears.
They will always have that bad feeling about it.

What is this About?

This method is very old and it is just about patience and giving your child the amount of time 
they need to really grasp each number family.

Lots of repetition is required and you do not have to do that for an hour
spread it around your day or after school.

Because this is so handy you can simply take with you even practice in the car.
You may also
Laminate these cards for constant use .

Flashcards will save the day

I am a flashcard Girl

Anything I needed to memorize in College
I would organize in flashcards
It served me well to my Masters Degree Days.

I am using the same approach here.

Just remember to take your time.
Do not move forward until your child has mastered that number with addition.

What is this Approach About?

In this method of learning your kids are not learning fact families yet
Addition by memorization for each number in order then randomly.

It is not until later .... once memorization has happened
 that kids are introduced to associating Fact Families
in a series of worksheets

You will be getting this as I upload them.
Step by Step

Please visit this post weekly for updates


Download Flashcards for Number 9


Note: If you are not able to download this link please email me and I will send it.