Learning About Crabs

We love taking walks by the beach specially looking at the Hermit Crabs along the way.
This unit is in the form of an interactive notebook which you can have your kids
read first. It comes packed with an informational text.

You will insert the informational text on the interactive notebook and 
complete the activities and hands on little gluing and cutting projects.

This unit can go paired with any book on crabs or crustaceans.
You may also like my complete unit on Crustaceans.

You kids will learn the following about crabs.

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Diversity of Crabs (photo album with different bold and colorful pictures of crabs)
Crabs as Crustaceans 
Other Crustaceans (photos)
Legs of a crab 
Body Parts (pocket with photos of crabs)
Body Parts informational text
Breathing and Crabs
Drawing activity
Female and Male Crabs
Drawing activity
Life cycle of crabs
Drawing Activity
Types of crabs (coconut crabs, hermit crabs)

Inserts that will go under each informational text page

Informational text will go inserted into interactive notebook