Raising Geniuses Early On

I remember the days when my son was starting to learn how to read.
Visuals were the most important thing at the time. 
They usually are but when children are young 
even more.

I started creating a series of visuals in the form of flashcards 
As well as mini reader books to help him on.

Today, I want to share with all of you out there 
some of the activities we implemented in our home school classroom

Using plastic letters along with this activity will help you re use these cards 
on a daily basis.
Here are some of the activities you can do with these cards.
We used a set of plastic letters to add to this activity.
I have provided these for you to use on paper.

These cards can be laminated for daily use or centers.

These cards are 61/2  by 9 inch

Download These Now
(Coming Feb 1st,2017)

You may also use velcro to attach in the back of the consonants and to the
phonic cards to use in your centers on a daily basis.

About This Phonic Cards

I created these cards large (9 by 61/2)
to draw the attention of the young reader.
In this download you are getting only the sound 

of Short "A" with the ending sound of "AT"
However, this is growing bundle which more will be added
in time.

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