Short A Phonic Cards

I love sharing these cute cards with everyone. 
They are excellent for visuals to use in your Reading Centers.

These cards come in perfect size to fit inside your pocket charts.
When you download this product you will be getting a total of 144 colored cards.
They come with the pictures and the words written.

I have also made them with pictures and no words so your kids can find the correct answer.

Each vowel is colored in red to differentiate them from the consonants.
In this picture below you can take a closer look at them.

You will also be getting the ending sound cards so you can order them by family of ad, at, am etc.

You may do a lot of activities when teaching the short sound of A.

I will show you three of my favorite ways to practicing with these cuties.

1. Cutting the first consonant and having the kids find the ending sounds.
They can always have the pictures card as reference and visual.

 2. You may also do the opposite and have the kids find the beginning sounds by snapping the cards.

3. Cut all letters and have the kids make up the words. 

These cards are great and the activities are numerous with them.

Laminate them and use them in centers.
Print them in magnetic paper and use with magnetic boards.

These are all the cards with their groups

Whichever way you use them they are at great price and will save you the planning time.

so you can have more fun teaching!!!!